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Violetta First season Second season


First season

Violetta, along with her father, Germán, return to their hometown, Buenos Aires, after living in Spain for some years. Violetta has a passion for music, dancing and singing. Germán doesn't want Violetta to sing after Violetta's mother, María, a famous singer, died in an accident during a tour willed by him when Violetta was only 5 years old. With the help of Angie, governess of Violetta and her aunt secret, she enrolled at Studio 21. There she meets her first love, makes new friends, meets a rival, and continues to build her musical talent to the final show at the end of the year.

Second season

After the return of Tomás in Spain, Violetta returns with Leon but Diego (a new character) does everything possible to hinder them. Germán is always protective of Vilu, but is now more tolerant. Francesca meets Marco, who falls for her. Jade hires a spy to separate Angie and Germán.


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